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Since 2004, Camp Looking Glass has been providing sleep-away summer camps and year-round recreational activities to children and adults with disabilities in the Mississippi Delta, all at no cost to campers and their families. During our time together, we do everything from creating original artwork to traveling to new and exciting places. Our main focus, however, is creating lifelong friendships between people with and without disabilities.

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Summer Camp

Currently, our yearly summer camp takes place on our very own Camp Land in Greenville, Mississippi! Campers and counselors reside together in five cabins; group activities and meals are held in our main cabin. Activities offered at a Camp Looking Glass are much like those you would see at any other summer camp – music, sports, morning yoga, arts and craft, nature walks – but are designed to be accessible to campers of all abilities

Monthly Events

The Camp Looking Glass fun doesn’t stop when the summer is over! We maintain our friendships and our Camp Looking Glass spirit throughout the year at monthly meet ups in Greenville, MS, where we celebrate holidays together, create original artwork sold at local festivals, help maintain our beautiful 11 acre land, and so much more!

Community Engagement

Camp Looking Glass is an organization dedicated to our community and we make sure that our campers have accessible opportunities to participate in events held across the Mississippi Delta! Whether it's the annual Hot Tamale Fest, seeing Santa at Deer Creek and participating in the Greenville Christmas parade, cheering on the marathon races in the Mississippi River Marathon, or heading to the World Catfish Festival we make sure our camp community has the opportunity to participate!

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For the first ten years of Camp Looking Glass our organization rented out cabins in the Mississippi Delta for camp events. In 2014 Camp Looking Glass finally acquired 11 acres to call our own! Since then we have built a lake, a main cabin, five camper cabins, and so much more!

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